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Welcome to our customer service page. Here you can find answers to all frequently asked questions.


How is my invoice sent?

We send the invoice to the email address you provided when you made the purchases. In some cases we might have also sent the invoice to you by post. Since the invoice is sent to you when your order is shipped, it might take a few days until your receive your invoice.

You can always find your invoice by logging in.

I haven't received my invoice, what do I do?

When your order is shipped, we send the invoice to the e-mail address you used when you made a purchase. You can also find all your invoices by logging in to MyRiverty. If you have trouble finding your invoice, contact our customer service.

Can I change the due date on my invoice?

Yes, if you need more time to pay your invoice you can use our Snooze function in MyRiverty. You can choose to prolong your due date with 14 days for free or 30 days for a small fee. Log in to MyRiverty if you want to Snooze your invoice.


I received a reminder but I have paid my invoice, why?

The reminder might have been sent because you were late with your payment or used the wrong payment details. Check which date you made the payment and what account and reference number you used.

If you know that you have already paid, but your payment is still not registered on your invoice, please contact our customer service.

I have been charged with reminder fee, but I did not receive any reminder

Your purchase is linked with your email address. You are using different email addresses for your purchase and probably not logged in with the email address associated to the invoice on which reminder fee has been charged.

For the best experience try to use same email address for all your purchases to keep a track of all your invoices and avoid missing notifications or payments.

Check your spam filter and mark emails from Riverty as trusted to prevent this in the future.

Filing an objection? Here is everything you need to know

Have you received a letter from a collection agency and don't agree with the claim? If so, you can file an objection. In your objection, explain briefly but clearly why you disagree with the claim. We will review your objection and get back to you. We often need information from you in order to process the objection properly, for example your file number. Below are some examples of what information we need from you depending on your situation.

Where can you file an objection?

Visit our contact page ( and select Write to Us. Select “Reminder” as the subject and fill your objection in the message field. Be sure to include your invoice number.

Have you already paid?

Have you already paid the invoice to the webshop or company with which you have a contract? Or have you already paid Riverty and are you still receiving a reminder? Then it is important that you send a clear screenshot of your payment. This must show the total amount, the payment date, the account number with which you paid and the account number to which you transferred the amount. Without proof of payment we cannot help you. So always send this along with your objection.

Have you returned the order?

Do you disagree with the claim because you have returned (part of) your order? In that case, it is important that you attach the proof of delivery. You received this when you delivered the order to a delivery point. You may have also received this sent to your email, either from the webshop or from the delivery service. With this proof we can check with the webshop whether the return shipment was indeed received and whether any settlements are necessary.

Have you not received the order?

Please indicate this in your objection. Clearly state which items you have not received and, if necessary, include a screenshot of the items you ordered. This enables us to ask the webshop when and how the order was delivered to you.

Do you disagree with the collection charges?

We do not charge collection costs without reason. You have been warned about this in an earlier letter or email. After you receive the letter or email, you will have 14 days to pay the original invoice (principal amount) without collection costs. If you pay late then collection fees will be charged. If you disagree with the claim and want to file an objection, that is always possible. If you want to avoid collection costs, it is best to pay the principal amount immediately. If your objection turns out to be justified, we will refund the amount you paid to your account.

Does your claim concern a subscription that you have you cancelled?

Have you received a claim and you disagree with it because you have cancelled the subscription? Then you can file an objection. In that case, always include the cancellation confirmation that the company sent you. With this proof we can check whether the subscription has indeed been cancelled and whether the cancellation has been processed correctly. Without proof of cancellation we unfortunately cannot process your claim.

Does your claim concern an invoice via the parking app?

Have you received an email or letter about an invoice via a parking app and do you disagree with (the amount of) the invoice? For example, because the cost of the invoice does not match the parking costs? Or because you did not park your car at that location? Or because the invoice does not concern your license plate? Unfortunately we cannot help you with this. You can only submit your objection directly to the parking app provider. We do advise you to pay the claim to Riverty in advance. If it turns out that the invoice is indeed incorrect, we will refund the payment to you.

Did you previously file an objection with the (original) principal invoice amount?

Have you previously filed an objection about this claim? Even before the claim was transferred to our collection agency? If so, you can re-submit a brief objection to us again, together with a copy of the mails or letters you have already sent. It is important that you send the complete mail exchange to us to assess whether it is necessary to submit these documents again to the (original) principal. Do you no longer have the complete mail exchange? Then describe briefly but clearly what your objection is about and send it to us.

Did you not receive any previous reminders?

And do you therefore disagree with the claim? Most companies these days send reminders by email. Sometimes a letter is also sent to you by post if you do not respond to email notifications. Therefore, always check your spam mailbox. Also, check that you entered the correct email address when you placed the order or subscription. Have you moved (within or outside of the Netherlands) or do you have a new email address? In that case it is your own responsibility to pass on your new details immediately. If this has not happened, unfortunately we cannot help you. You have received an order or concluded a contract. The payment obligation is yours.

Is there fraud involved?

Do you disagree with the claim because of suspected address or identity fraud? Please let us know as soon as possible. We can only carry out an investigation (or have one carried out) if you enclose the official report of your fraud report. This official report must relate to this claim. Without a copy of the official report we cannot help you.

Do you have a business claim and are you of the opinion that the new owner should pay the debt?

If your business is taken over, the next owner does not automatically become responsible for the debt that has arisen. In that case, it is important that you can provide us with proof of contract assumption from the (original) client. This is different from a proof of company takeover. You received the proof of contract takeover when you indicated to the (original) client that there was a new owner and they requested a contract takeover with you. If you can send us a copy of this we will assess whether it should be submitted to the (original) principal.

Do you want to know what the claim refers to?

It may have slipped your mind what the claim refers to. We always include a brief explanation in our first reminders. Is this not sufficient? Then first check the information in your own account. It is often possible to view information in your own account with the (original) client, webshop or My Riverty account. For example, about paid or unpaid invoices, specifications, payments and returns. You can check in your bank details whether or not you have paid the invoices. Would you like to receive a copy of the invoices or other proof? You can request these from us if the above information is not sufficient.

Delivery and returns

Why can't I add a return?

You can only add a return to your invoice before it's scheduled for payment.

Due to technical limitations, we only allow 1 return per invoice. If you already added a return to the invoice a second is not available.

As long as you follow the merchant's return policy, you can still make a return through them. Once we get notified by the merchant, we will come back to you with updated payment information. If you have already paid for the order in full, we will transfer the excess amount back to you within the next days.


How do I log in/register?

Login to the Riverty app

All you need to login to the Riverty app is your email address. Open the app, enter the email address linked to your Riverty purchases and we will send you a login link. No more remembering passwords and pin codes. After your first login, you can access the app even quicker with Face ID or Touch ID.

Login to MyRiverty by email

You can login to MyRiverty with your email address. Request a login link and you will immediately receive a unique and encrypted link to login to MyRiverty.

How can I change my billing address?

The billing address is the same as the one you entered when you placed your order. It is not possible to change the billing address afterwards.
However, if you use a new billing address for your next order in the check out, it will be automatically updated for the next purchases.

How can I change the (personal) information in my profile?

Please contact our customer service and let us know about the changes. We will adapt the profile information for you.

Monthly Invoice

How does monthly invoice work?

Some webshops or apps offer our monthly invoice option. This enables you as a consumer to make multiple purchases during a month from this webshop or app, and only receive one invoice at the end of the month.

How can I sign up for the monthly invoice?

The monthly invoice is offered by specific webshops or apps. Once you see the monthly invoice as a payment option in the checkout, you just have to select it, enter your data and that's it! Your monthly invoice is ready to be used and you can easily add more purchases to it without any extra steps. After your first purchase we will send you a welcome email with details on when you will receive your monthly invoice for that particular app or webshop. The next email you will receive will be the invoice.

When will I receive my monthly invoice?

Invoices are sent via email once a month, where the exact date varies depending on the merchant you shopped at. Please refer to the welcome email you receive from us after your first purchase. In this email you’ll find the specific date.

How will the monthly invoice be sent?

Invoices are sent via email, to the email address you specified when you made your purchases.

Where can I see my monthly invoice?

You can see the status and details of your monthly invoice every time in MyRiverty.

When do I need to pay?

The due date will be clearly specified in the invoice email you receive and inside MyRiverty.

How can I pay my monthly invoice?

Invoices can be paid by logging into your MyRiverty account and paying with Bancontact. With some merchants or apps we use payment via direct debit.

What happens if I don't pay the invoice on time?

If you are uncertain that you will be able to pay your invoice before the due date, you can easily pause or split the payment inside MyRiverty. In case you forget to pay your monthly invoice before the due date, we will send you a reminder.

Security, privacy and personal data

Why does Riverty process personal data?

In order to be able to offer our service, we need some information from you. Especially if you are using Riverty for the first time. Click here (link to privacy statement) for our privacy statement which explains more about the processing and use of personal data by Riverty.

Riverty within the webshop

How does Riverty work?

Click here to see how Riverty works.

Riverty and EasyPark

Why do I get an invoice from Riverty for my EasyPark transactions?

Riverty handles the direct debit payments for EasyPark. You will receive a monthly invoice from us with all your parking transactions.

If you would like to use another payment method you can change this in the EasyPark app.

How can I change or update my IBAN account?

This can be updated in the EasyPark app.

Where can I find the parking transactions?

You will find all your parking transactions in the EasyPark app.
Also you will get an overview of all transactions on your monthly invoice.

You can send an e-mail to:

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